Throwback Thursday


Happy Thursday! Yayyy… we almost made it to the end of another awesome week. I am pretty sure you all agree that Thursday is another amazing day of the week just because of the feeling that it is friday tomorrow!  Read more


Chi-town Revisited


Sharing some pictures from my vacation with my sister while we visited Chi-cago. I absolutely love Chicago no matter how many times I have been there. I always have a special thing for Chicago and this time it was more fun as my little sister and my cousin were with us and we were going to show them around various fun places that we had been to.This was our much awaited trip with my sister Monica & my cousin Sanjay!

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Lake Powell & Horse Shoe Bend, Arizona


The hot weather welcomed us as we arrived to Arizona. We spent the night in our tent in a campsite at Wahweap Marina and woke up to a hot and steamy morning with the view of Lake Powell. I had heard people talk about hot weather in Arizona but I was finally able to experience and let me tell you the experience was not so pleasant.

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Whirling around the Windy City


Summer is here yay!! I am pretty sure you can relate to this joy with me; the wholehearted weather, aroma of fresh flowers and more time outside. I wouldn’t have it any other way :)

For the memorial weekend, we decided to take a road tour to one of our favored city, Chicago. Even though I have been there like hundred times (not exactly lol but I think this is my 7th time there), I still dear that city so much! We love the variability of food, culture, and the skyscrapers … that we get to try in Chicago every time we visit.

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