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mashAbout Me

Welcome to sarmash.com! I am Masoom (I also go by Mash), and I currently reside in Minneapolis, MN. I’m happily married to the love of my life who is my best friend and shares with me a passion for taking pictures, traveling and enjoying life.

When not on the move, I like to keep myself updated on fashion trends and also enjoy experimenting with new makeup and am fond of trying new makeup and skincare products. Style inspires me and it is something that rejuvenates me.

Writing has been a piece of me for as long as I can remember. As a young teen keeping a diary came with the extra duty of having to figure out a way to hide it from those around me! However, in THIS blog, I’ve decided to share some simple stories of my life for all to see! The blog will feature outfits that I love to flaunt, beauty products and our travel journey together and just about everything 😉

My boo loves taking pictures and I love posing for him so the idea of starting a photo diary struck me as a great outlet for our adventures together. He is my inspiration behind everything I do. That being said, this blog wouldn’t have been possible without him and his beautiful pictures. That is how this blog got its name from. “Sarmash” is a collaboration of our names and identity as we share our life with all of you!

Feel free to browse around, share and leave comments, but please no negativity or trolling!

All pictures taken by Sarobar Kasaju or Masoom Shrestha Kasaju, unless noted otherwise. Please feel free to use pictures WITH watermark and make sure to link back to my blog. Thank you for viewing- ENJOY!