Chi-town Revisited


Sharing some pictures from my vacation with my sister while we visited Chi-cago. I absolutely love Chicago no matter how many times I have been there. I always have a special thing for Chicago and this time it was more fun as my little sister and my cousin were with us and we were going to show them around various fun places that we had been to.This was our much awaited trip with my sister Monica & my cousin Sanjay!

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Goodbye Blues: Mahalo Hawaii for beautiful memories


From the moment we landed off the plane, I knew that Hawaii was going to be very special. The tangible sense of culture and the infamous spirit of aloha along with the magical beaches and lush mountains and many more…. there was always so much to explore.  Our 14 days of vacation ended so quickly but we were so glad that we got a chance to experience the spirit of Hawaii and create some lifetime memories that we will cherish forever.
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Lao Valley Needle & Cruising


Our last full day in Maui…. We  started our day at the Lao Valley Needle, famous for gracing postcards all over Maui and a sacred for the Hawaiians. The dense forest had a history behind them: the needle like peaks were a lookout point for the warriors during wars. Interesting!! Currently, it a popular tourist destination and travelers come to enjoy the trail along with the amazing view of the needle like peaks. The weather was moist and cloudy which totally enhanced the beauty of these beautiful peaks. We walked by the Lau Valley Stream reminiscing our beautiful vacation to the islands of Hawaii. Our vacation was ending the next day and to be honest, we were not looking back to go back to Minnesota.

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