Chi-town Revisited


Sharing some pictures from my vacation with my sister while we visited Chi-cago. I absolutely love Chicago no matter how many times I have been there. I always have a special thing for Chicago and this time it was more fun as my little sister and my cousin were with us and we were going to show them around various fun places that we had been to.This was our much awaited trip with my sister Monica & my cousin Sanjay!

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White & Denim


Happy hump day everyone!! This year is flying by so quickly. This post is continuation of my previous Chicago post (Seen here). Chicago’s weather is always so unpredictable. A day earlier it was bright and sunny and the next day it was rainy and cold. One exciting thing I love about Chicago is the arbitrary graffiti on casual areas. I was really fascinated by this graffiti that was close to where we were staying and therefore we wanted to explore! Read more