Denim & Knee high


Happy Sunday! Hope you all had a superb weekend… I feel like weekends rush by so quickly! Friday night, you are all excited about the weekend and Sunday morning you realize it is gone so fast. I am sure everyone can relate to this feeling.  Read more


Black & White Minimal


Black & White colors are my best-loved color picks. I really find that these colors compliment each other quite well. Black and white can give you a minimally put together look that is not only chic but very sophisticated.

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Beauty, Fashion

Wishing for Summer to Stay


Happy Monday everyone! Summer is finally about to leave but how I wish that summer would stay a little longer. I have had a busy summer; full of travel and lot going on with my graduation and all that! I feel like this summer just breezed through. I had one of the most wonderful summer; no complains but I just wish that it would stay for a while.

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