Throwback Thursday


Happy Thursday! Yayyy… we almost made it to the end of another awesome week. I am pretty sure you all agree that Thursday is another amazing day of the week just because of the feeling that it is friday tomorrow!  Read more


Lao Valley Needle & Cruising


Our last full day in Maui…. We  started our day at the Lao Valley Needle, famous for gracing postcards all over Maui and a sacred for the Hawaiians. The dense forest had a history behind them: the needle like peaks were a lookout point for the warriors during wars. Interesting!! Currently, it a popular tourist destination and travelers come to enjoy the trail along with the amazing view of the needle like peaks. The weather was moist and cloudy which totally enhanced the beauty of these beautiful peaks. We walked by the Lau Valley Stream reminiscing our beautiful vacation to the islands of Hawaii. Our vacation was ending the next day and to be honest, we were not looking back to go back to Minnesota.

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