The Capital & Old Town


We flew from Chicago to BWI and headed our way to the capital, Washington DC. The flight wasn’t as expected as we had so many delay. Not a good start!!¬†

Sarobar and I, we have been to DC couple times and frankly speaking I am not a great fan of this city. But my cousin Sanjay, he has never been there (OMG, I know lol) so this trip was mostly dedicated for him and my sister of course! The weather was HOT & HUMID! I hate the crappy and icky weather and if you are going to be a tourist then you have to walk and walk everywhere. Parking is such a pain! But luckily it wasn’t sunny so we could say it did help a little. We walked all around the Lincoln Memorial, National Mall, Washington Monument, Korean War Veterans Memorial and the White House of-course! Imagine all that walk! Overall it was a good experience. We enjoyed the walk except the¬†sweat.

But later in the evening, we were meeting some of our old buddies in Old Town, VA so we were pretty excited about it! Shubha and Akshaya took us around this cute little town called Old Town Alexandria and it was definitely the highlight of the day. The town was so cute and like the name suggest very beautifully preserved old town. I have not been to Europe but I can totally tell European countries are just as beautiful as this little town. We went for a stroll around the King Street and Old Town Waterfront. It was a delightful sight. We later had some grub at this amazing place and I had one of the best Moscow Mule (Thanks Beimaan!) .

IMG_1626SKK_6705 SKK_6733 SKK_6742IMG_1533 IMG_1624 IMG_1643IMG_1767 IMG_1778 IMG_1807 IMG_1834 IMG_1853

It was an awesome day! A lot of walking and running around but we were able to see some great sights around DC and Old Town. I wish we had more time in the Old Town area. I really want to visit that town again. Someday soon, hopefully!

Until next time,
Mash :)